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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Home > About Us > Communications Team

Communications Team

Please note that AWA is a volunteer organization, so we do not keep regular office hours. Please allow time for our volunteers to answer your query - we will respond as soon as we can! If you are an AWA chair looking for info about promoting your event, please refer to our promotion guidelines in the Documents section of the AWA admin panel, under Activity Chair Info.

The Communications Director oversees all AWA communication channels and the overall AWA communication strategy, commsdirector@awasingapore.org.

The Email Manager sends out our “AWA Upcoming Events” email to members on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. The email contains details of AWA events in the next 2 to 4 weeks (deadline for submission: 5 days before mailing), broadcast@awasingapore.org.

The Social Media Manager & Instagram manager are responsible for: The AWA Facebook Page (public), the AWA Member Community Group (private) and the AWA Instagram account. They also set up and have oversight of all AWA activity Facebook sub-groups, socialmedia@awasingapore.org.

The Content Manager creates & modifies the content on the website at the request of event/activity chairs, assists with the creation of events and activates the events each month. (Deadline: events must be created 1 week or more before activation date), contentmanager@awasingapore.org.

The Magazine Editor is responsible for all aspects of the planning and production of the AWA magazine. She works with a team of graphics volunteers and the advertising manager and makes all editorial and content decisions. (Deadlines: 6 weeks prior to publishing date - see below), editor@awasingapore.org.

We send a Thursday WA message to subscribers, with a small selection of upcoming events. To be added to the subscriber list, please send SUBSCRIBE to 8460 2560. To request inclusion (AWA events only) email office@awasingapore.org

For January issue: 15th November
For March issue: 15th January
For May issue: 15th March
For July issue: 15th May
For September issue: 15th July
For November issue: 15th September