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Home > Resources > Home Stay Activities

Home Stay Activities

       PHASE TWO 

Feel-Good Video: Brad Pitt turns comedian while accepting his SAG award

Recipes & More Recipes: Daily food inspiration from The Food Network & Taste.com

Binge Watching this week: Old movies; When Harry Met Sally, The Holiday & Forrest Gump 

Armchair Traveler:  Vogue travels with Irene Kim to her 5 favorite Seoul addresses

Home Tour: Patrick Dempsey's light-filled Frank Gehry Malibu home 


CNA's Quarantine Benefit: helping your tweens & teens have better relationships

USA Today's Tips on how to Work Out Safely at the gym now

Singapore Staycations from 8Days for Under $200 a Night

TimeOut's list of The 15 Best Hiking Trails in Singapore 

22 Fall-themed movies we can Watch Over & Over


Beauty & Fashion - 
Enjoy the August 2020 Vogue UK Magazine during these last days of summer 
Personalized selfie masks, from R2 Creations, modeled by Oprah & Gail
The Huffpost tells us If It Is Safe To Try On Clothes
Since we're not holidaying anytime soon, here's 8 Days' how to travel via Beauty Products
Asia One's list of Where to buy fashionable face masks in Singapore
Glamour's How to Do Face Mask Makeup

Fitness - 
HuffPo on How to Instill a Healthy Attitude about Exercise in Your Kids 
Goop on staying sane during COVID & Why Walking Rules
Huffpost's What you should know about Reopened Gyms & Covid
The best cycling trails in Singapore
The 12 best gyms in Singapore with online workouts
Try the 4 Week Summer Shread Challenge with Chloe Ting

Food & Home  - 
Food & Wine's Editors' 11 fantastically original Summer Recipe Picks
NYT's 12 Summer Sparkling Wine's Because Who Needs A Reason
Simple Steps to Create a Cohesive Closet
The BBC's List of the World's Most Nutritious Foods
3 Reusbale replacements for ziplock bags from The Food Network

Travel - 
Should you book that heavily Discounted Air Ticket?
The safeguards needed before Singapore and Malaysia cross-border travel resumes 
This is what travel on Singapore Airlines will look like soon
2,000 Museums, 100,000 Artworks, and 10,000 famous sites on Google Art & Culture

Watch, Listen & Learn  -
Download Taylor Swift's fresh, honest & genius new Indie album, Folklore
O's Best Travel Books that Will Take You All Around the World 
The NYT on Why it's Okay to Say 'No' to Invitations 
Real SImple's 10 Intentionally Boring Podcasts to Lull You to Sleep 
Reuters answers the question: Why time Feels so Weird in 2020
From the NYT, When your Tween is bored & How to Help
The Health Benefits of Pet Love from Psychology Today
Real Simple's How to talk to your kids about Race and Racism 
Sign the kids up for classes, some at only $10 on Outschool
Enjoy performances from Metropolitan Opera, Broadway Shows, The Shows Must go On, NYC Ballet 

Wellness -
Time magazine tells us When it Comes to homemade masks, Layers Matter
7 Essential Pieces of Relationship Advice for Couples during Quarantine
The BBC on Why the Way Children watch screens matters
Eustress vs. Distress: 5 Common Myths about stress 
How are my kids still getting sick during lockdown from the NYT
The Summer 2020 Goop Detox Guide

Work -
How to Get Ahead While Working from Home from CNA 
Goodbye Office: Is the future of Work at Home? from CNA 
From Forbes, the 4 Pitfalls of Working Remote: The Lesser-Discussed Reality

100s of other ideas:
Good news & good ideas from Cope, Hope & Lots of Soap
Feed Your Mind, Body & Soul with positivity from The Feeder Feed
Forbes' 20 Fun Family Pandemic Summer Activities
101 Ideas From Timeout
50 Things from USA Today 
100+ Things to do from Travel & Leisure
100s of things to do with Education.com