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Home > Resources > Fashion Shopping Opportunities

Fashion Shopping Opportunities

Missing the AWA Fashion Show this year? Us too! Fret not though, we have collected together some amazing fashion brands for you to curate your Spring wardrobe. Check out these amazing local brands:

Anna Rainn
Shop stylish work clothes online from Anna Rainn to look fashionable. A great collection of wrap dresses for work and hanging out. 

AS’FALL capsule collections are made of timeless unique pieces ideal to complement any wardrobe and to enlight it with a special soul. All pieces are handmade using only noble materials. Fabrics are woven, dyed, or open worked by hand.

Divas Closet
always make a statement with this fun, feminine and chic designer of premium indo-western wear.

Jo Kilda
Affordable luxury fashion that is beautifully designed and practical to wear.

Home of urban island luxe.  Slow fashion and handmade quality products at great prices.

Maarz Pearls
Maarz Pearls Jewellery is handcrafted using Pearls, Semi Precious Stones and Crystals. It's unique, oriental, very wearable yet affordable.

Reckless Erika
With a distinctive fashion aesthetic, Reckless Ericka offers exceptionally designed apparel, both fashionable and functional. The collections are designed in-house, with emphasis on craftsmanship and are produced in ethically sourced factories using quality materials. 

The Girl with a Hat
Sometimes "well" is not enough. The Girl with a Hat is a Singaporean brand who represents a crew of French designers & milliners, mainly located in Paris and now in Singapore. We provide hats with elegance, quality and of course, the French's je ne sais quoi. 

Truth & All
Stunning and sustainable eyewear from 100% recyclable and biodegradable acetate. Handmade in Greece by family run business.