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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Home > Membership > Feedback from our members!

Feedback from our members!

AF (2021)
Thank you so much for all the wonderful services you provided me while we lived in Singapore.  It made my experience in a new country that much richer.

SC (2021)
Sadly after 21 years in Singapore I am returning to the UK.  The AWA has been a major part of my social life and I will always remember the great friendships I have made with fondness.

BZ (2021)
I enjoyed my 8 plus years in Singapore and met some amazing women all through the awesome AWA (who I keep in touch with).  I enjoyed all the things the AWA had to offer over the years including leadership roles in Local Tours, The Home Tour and the Carpet Auction.   I will definitely miss the sense of community the AWA offered.  Thanks to all the volunteers who make this group possible!

BF (2021)
I enjoyed activities and forged friendships through AWA for 9+ years and always encouraged other ladies new to Singapore to join.  It’s a wonderful organization and I wish it much success going forward.

MW (2021)
I would like to thank AWA for being a great introduction to life in Singapore.  During my three years of living in Singapore, I was happy to meet such wonderful women and I participated in everything the group had to offer.

JR (2020)
I truly enjoyed my membership and the activities I participated in with the AWA

CB (Apr 2020)
I would like to say that AWA is a fantastic organisation and made my stay in Singapore fabulous, I met so many great ladies through the various activities you run, thanks again.

EGB (Apr 2020)
 It was a pleasure to be a part of the AWA in Singapore while I was there.

JG (Apr 2020)
I have had an amazing experience these last two years and made what I think will be lasting friendships.

CF (Mar 2020)
AWA was my lifeblood in my time there where I met so many of my closest friends.

MN (Aug 2020)
AWA is a wonderful association with great people.  I’m glad I joined during my time in Singapore.

TW (Oct 2020)
AWA is such a wonderful group with so many opportunities to connect

AW (Oct 2020)
Thanks for an awesome 18 months!