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Home > About Us > AWA Board & Standing Committee FY2023

AWA Board & Standing Committee FY2023

AWA Board

AWA board positions are open to any AWA Regular Members* and are elected by the general membership. They are responsible for ensuring that the AWA complies with its constitution and that all Singapore Government regulations are fulfilled. To find out more about applying for a board position, please click here or click here to indicate your interest in applying for a position.


 President – Linda Schindler

The President’s role is to direct the general affairs of the AWA, setting goals and a specific tone for her term of office. She represents the AWA to the wider Singaporean and International community and ensures the AWA board complies with all appropriate rules and regulations.


Linda joined AWA in 2014. This is her second term as AWA President and she has previously served on the board in several roles including External Affairs Director & Communications Director.


Vice President – Anita Young

The Vice President is in charge of Membership. She has overall responsibility for our membership numbers and marketing efforts, working with our membership committees.


Anita Joined AWA in 2020 and has been an active member in a variety of areas. She has served as major events chair and this is her second term as Vice President.


Secretary – Michelle Reeb

The Secretary is responsible for accurate record keeping within the AWA, all board meetings and the accompanying agendas and minutes. She also oversees the Policy and Nominating committees, supporting them and ensuring they follow all appropriate rules and regulations.


Michelle joined AWA in 2014. She has been an active volunteer during her time here, most recently as the movie lunch chair.


Treasurer – Katherine McCall

The Treasurer is the financial conscience of the AWA and provides factual, unbiased financial information to facilitate informed decision-making by the board. She is responsible for all financial income  and  expenses, and works closely with the General Manager to manage this.

Katherine joined as an AWA member in 2018. She has volunteered in a variety of groups, including Communications and Local Tours. This will be her second term as AWA Treasurer.


Volunteer Director – Venta Norvilas

The Volunteer Director spearheads volunteer recruitment and appreciation.  She actively works with the communications team to disseminate accurate information about open volunteer positions through the website, social media, and email.  She serves as co-chair of the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and supports the Sports, Social, Special Interest and Major Events Chairs.


Mel Venta joined as an AWA member in 2013. She most recently served as major events chair, and is returning to the board this year.

External Affairs Director – Julia Tan

The External Affairs Director has overall responsibility for our interaction with the wider community through our community service and our relationships with corporate partners. She works closely with and supports the Community Service Chair and Corporate Relationship Manager. She also supports the President in making connections with the wider community in Singapore.

Julia Tan joined the AWA in 2021. Julia has already been active in a wide variety of activities within AWA including local tours, beauty & fashion and photography amongst others.


Communications Director – Marline Fraticelli

The Communications Director is responsible for AWA communications, including the AWA Magazine, website, upcoming events and social media. She works closely with the chairs of these committees and ensures they follow all appropriate rules and regulations. 


Marline joined AWA in 2021. Marline has previously volunteered for AWA as our website copy editor and in the tennis committee.



Standing Committee 

These positions are appointed annually by board vote and are open to any AWA member. 


Social Chair – Angela Chen

The Social Chair represents all of the AWA social activities.


Angela joined the AWA in 2020. She is a very active community service volunteer amongst other activities, and this is her second term as Social Chair.


Special Interest Chair – Emma Pickering

The Special Interest Chair represents all of the AWA special interest activities. 


Emma joined AWA in 2020 and has been active in many AWA activities, including tennis.


Sports Chair – Tania Lindsey Jean

The Sports Chair represents all of the AWA sports activities.

Tania Lindsey-Jean joined AWA in 2014 and has been active in many AWA activities, including major events and tennis.


Major Events Chair – Jaclyn Muncy

The Major Events Chair leads the Major Events Committee.

Jaclyn joined the AWA in 2018. She has previously volunteered as sports chair and as a major event organizer. This will be her first term as Major Events Chair. 


Corporate Relations Manager - Lauren Raps

The Corporate Relations Manager maintains an overview of the AWA's business partnerships and coordinates our annual contracts and agreements.


Lauren joined AWA in 2021 and has been active in many AWA activities, most recently volunteering as the chair of bar nights.


Community Service Chair- Beth Llewellyn

The Community Service Manager works with her committee to provide AWA members with information about, and an opportunity to volunteer with, non-profit organizations in Singapore.


Beth joined AWA in 2021 and has already been active in many AWA activities, especially our community service efforts.


Ex-Officio Board Members

Ex-officio board members are non-voting board members who provide unbiased advice and information to voting board members.


General Manager – Sarah Cockerill

The general manager is the only AWA paid staff position. She is responsible for maintaining, supervising, and coordinating AWA business, and for advising and supporting board members in carrying out their duties.


Sarah joined the AWA in 2005 and became general manager in 2008. After a three-year interval in Japan, Sarah returned to the AWA in 2012 to take up the position of general manager again.

*A note on AWA membership: According to our constitution, Regular Members are American, Canadian our spouse of same. All other nationalities join as Associate members and not eligible for Board roles or to vote at General Meetings.