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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Home > Special Interest > Local Tours

Local Tours

Local Tours is now operating in line with Singapore Government COVID-19 Guidelines for LICENSED local tour guides. Where tours are available they will be very small and will sell out fast. Please add your name to the waitlist if a tour is sold out, and if demand is there we will attempt to add more tours, pending guide availability.

AWA offers members the opportunity to explore and learn more about Singapore through an array of Local Tours. Understand the symbolism of Chinese New Year, discover the meaning of Thaipusam or Vesak Day, explore colorful shophouses or Singapore's "black and whites," trek Bukit Timah, or visit Pulau Ubin.

Each month the Local Tours Committee offers a variety of tempting local adventures. All tours are led by a professional guide. So put on your walking shoes, grab a bottle of water, and get ready to experience something special. There's a lot to discover with AWA Local Tours!

Haze Notice:  A tour will be cancelled if the 1-hr PSI readings equal or greater than 150 in the geographical area of the tour two hours prior to the start of the tour using the government’s official website - www.haze.gov.sg.

Cancellation Policy: Local Tours have either a 7 day cancellation policy, or a no refund cancellation policy depending on the tour - please check each tour carefully when booking.

For more details please email localtours@awasingapore.org.

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Thank you for your interest in the AWA events and activities. It is of utmost importance to us that members find placement in their preferred area of interest. As all AWA events and activities are run by volunteers, there are times, due to travel schedules, you may not receive an immediate reply to your email. We do apologize! If you have not heard back from the activity chair within a reasonable time frame please send an email to the board representative at specialint@awasingapore.org so that we can follow up on your behalf!

Upcoming Local Tours events:

Fri, May 21 Local Tour: Vesak Day Bus Tour - CANCELLED Registration Closed
Wed, Jun 02 Local Tour: Wet Markets tour - CANCELLED Registration Closed