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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Home > Volunteering > Volunteering With AWA

Volunteering With AWA

Members are strongly encouraged to volunteer your time to keep the AWA running smoothly. Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or continuing to use a well-honed talent, AWA has a place for you. Please note you must be an AWA member to volunteer for any of these positions.

Beach & Park Clean Up Chair: Help play your part in keeping Singapore clean and beautiful! The chair is responsible for planning and attending the monthly AWA Beach & Park Clean-Up event. If you are interested, please e-mail commservice@awasingapore.org.

kidsREAD Chair: kidsREAD is a nationwide reading program launched in 2004, and the chair will help organize a group of AWA members going into Greenridge Primary school on a weekly basis during term time to promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young Singaporeans, specifically children from low-income families. If you are interested, please e-mail commservice@awasingapore.org.

Advertising Manager: This role involves replying to advertising enquiries, writing/sending contracts to potential advertisers and following up on payment and artwork from advertisers.  If you are interested please email commsdirector@awasingapore.org.

Workshop Chair: Expand your mind! Learn something new about yourself, about Singapore or about the world - the possibilities are endless.  Each month AWA will bring you a new opportunity to expand your knowledge base.  If you are interested please email specialinterest@awasingapore.org.

Book Group Chair: Responsible for planning, attending, and engaging members through our various book groups.  The book groups meet monthly (virtually and/or in-person), during the day as well as in evenings. If you are interested please email social@awasingapore.org.

Beauty & Fashion: Celebrate beauty inside and out by creating and attending unique events exploring Singapore‚Äôs beauty and design playground. Past semi-monthly events have included styling workshops, makeup master class, designer studio visits.  If you are interested please email social@awasingapore.org.

Board positions are open to any AWA regular (as opposed to associate) member and are elected by the general membership. Standing Committee positions are open to any AWA member and are filled by board vote. The Board and Standing Committee are responsible for ensuring that the AWA complies with its constitution and that all Singapore Government regulations are fulfilled. To find out more about applying for a board position, please email volunteerdirector@awasingapore.org.