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Home > Volunteering > Volunteering With AWA

Volunteering With AWA

AWA is a volunteer-run organization. We can only do what we do with the participation of an army of wonderful volunteers! They give freely of their time to provide fun events and activities for us all to participate in as well as working in the office, producing the Bamboo Telegraph magazine, and serving on the Board. As a member, you are strongly encouraged to volunteer your time to keep the AWA running smoothly. Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or continuing to use a well-honed talent, AWA has a place for you. Please note you must be an AWA member to volunteer for any of these positions.

AWA Board
to volunteer or for more information please email office@awasingapore.org

The Board is elected annually at our May AGM, positions are open to any AWA member who is a Regular* member. Our nominations committee begins looking for new board members in January each year, and we have an exploratory coffee for anyone interested in applying in February or March each year. To find out more about applying for a board position, please click here, or click here to indicate your interest in applying for a board position. 
*Regular member: US or Canadian citizen, or spouse of same. This restriction applies only to board positions and is mandated in our constitution.

Community Service
to volunteer or for more information please email commservice@awasingapore.org

HOME committee chair
If you have a heart for people living through a tough spot and want to help, Community Service is looking for a chair for our one of our featured organizations, HOME.  Be the point of contact for AWA volunteers and assist in organizing opportunities with the volunteer coordinator at HOME. Time commitment is monthly committee meeting, volunteer at HOME on occasion and emails/phone calls to organize opportunities.

To volunteer or for more information, please email sports@awasingapore.org

9-hole Golf Chair
We would love to bring back our weekly 9 hole golf group. This group is suitable for golfers of all skills, and in the past has also worked on lessons for new golfers. If someone steps up as a leader for the group we will be able to offer weekly games, so please let us know if you are interested!

To volunteer or for more information, please email social@awasingapore.org

Speaker's lunch chair (quarterly event)
We are looking for a chair to organize a speaker's lunch on a quarterly basis. This would be a chance to mix and mingle with your fellow members and heard talks that are informative, engaging and thought-provoking.

After-Hours Committee
Our goal is to provide a range of engaging and interesting talks, events, and activities throughout the year for AWA members in the evening, join us!

Kids Committee
The AWA Kids committee has relaunched and is going great - can you help us take it to the next level?Our goal is to have regular kid friendly events and to make the AWA kids Facebook group  a useful tool for moms to communicate, make play dates and find helpful information. 

Communications Team

To volunteer or for more information, please email commsdirector@awasingapore.org

Advertising Sales Manager

This position is to obtain advertising for the AWA in our four channels: print Bamboo Telegraph, website, events email and our social media.  Specific sales tasks include:  solicit new advertising; provide rates, deadlines and guidelines to potential advertisers; participate in monthly committee meetings and support the Advertising Admins in follow-up for contracts, artwork and payments.  This position is best performed out of the office, but time in the AWA office is also available.  Time commitment varies, but it is expected to take up to four hours per week. 


Website Content Manager/Website Analytics

This position is responsible for ensuring the AWA website is kept accurate and current.  This involves reviewing event submissions before they go live, updating pages to promote upcoming events and ensuring the website is aligned with AWA priorities.  Participation in monthly committee meeting is expected.  This position can be done mostly from home and takes about three hours per week.  


Special Interest
To volunteer or for more information, please email specialinterest@awasingapore.org

Arts & Culture Committee
The Arts & Culture Committee helps our members learn about and cultivate a passion for Asian arts and culture through monthly events. 

Local Tours Committee
Each month the Local Tours Committee offers a variety of tempting local adventures. All tours are led by a professional guide. 

AWA is always interested in new activities! If there is a sport, game or hobby you are passionate about and have the time to coordinate, please get in touch by emailing office@awasingapore.org

Upcoming Volunteering With AWA events: