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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Home > Volunteering > Volunteering With AWA

Volunteering With AWA

We can only do what we do with the participation of all of our wonderful volunteers! As a volunteer-run organization, they each give freely of their time to provide fun events and activities for us all to participate in, as well as working in the office, producing the Bamboo Telegraph magazine, and serving on the Board. 

As a member, you are strongly encouraged to volunteer your time to keep the AWA running smoothly. Whether you are interested in learning a new skill or continuing to use a well-honed talent, AWA has a place for you. Please note you must be an AWA member to volunteer for any of these positions.

Thank you to all of our 2020 volunteers for your joy, passion and commitment to the AWA. Enjoy this video that celebrates YOU!

Social – Mahjong Chair (or Co-Chairs)
Do you love to play mahjong? The AWA is looking for a chair or co-chairs for our daytime mahjong events – one of the AWA’s most popular activities! Historically, the role has involved: coordinating Monday play at Boomerang, engaging the AWA Mahjong Facebook group, managing the AWA mahjong sets, and planning any special events like the Christmas Mahjong lunch or the End of Year gathering. 
During Phase 2, the Mahjong Chair will help coordinate Mahjong at Home by finding ladies to host smaller games on a regular basis to keep mahjong active during this time. Also, there no need to be a Mahjong expert to help chair on Mondays - just enjoyment for the game! Alongside the Mahjong Chair we have Chairs in place for both teaching mahjong and evening mahjong events. Please email Kristin Bemowski, Social Chair at social@awasingapore.org for more information. Not ready to commit to being the Mahjong Chair but interested in hosting games at your home? Please reach out as well!

Special Interest - Choir Director
The AWA International Choir has been a part of community outreach for over fifteen years.  Our group sings popular songs and traditional tunes in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Malay.  We perform for senior centers, shut-in and hospice patients across Singapore, encouraging audience participation with musical instruments, bells, and singalong.  Music is arranged for Soprano 1 and 2 and Alto voices.  The Choir Director would work with the President of the choir, Treasurer and Outreach Coordinators to decide repertoire, rehearsal schedule, performance dates and end-of-season concert dates.  Previous experience in directing greatly preferred, piano skills very useful.  Please email Helena A Cochrane, Choir Chair at intlchoir@awasingapore for more information.

Membership - Retention Specialist
The Retention Specialist focuses on retaining members of the AWA. Her primary duties will be following up via email and phone with our members who are up for renewal. She should be comfortable speaking with members about how their time has been with the AWA.  She should be comfortable with encouraging members to renew their membership, as well as discuss further with members why they may have declined.  The Retention Specialist would be in frequent contact with the Vice President to discuss membership numbers. Please email vicepresident@awasingapore.org for more information.

Membership - Engagement Specialist
The Engagement Specialist serves as a concierge of sorts to newer AWA members who have yet to engage in any activities. Her primary role would be to get in touch with members who have appeared to not attend any activity within several months of joining the AWA. She should feel comfortable talking about the range of activities that AWA has to offer. When needed, the engagement specialist would connect the new member with the appropriate chair to encourage involvement in an activity. The Engagement Specialist would be in frequent contact with the Vice President to discuss strategies and different ways for members to be involved.  Please email vicepresident@awasingapore.org for more information.

Special Interest
To volunteer or for more information, please email specialinterest@awasingapore.org
  • Arts & Culture Committee: The Arts & Culture Committee helps our members learn about and cultivate a passion for Asian arts and culture through monthly events. 
  • Local Tours Committee: Each month the Local Tours Committee offers a variety of tempting local adventures. All tours are led by a professional guide. 

Community Service: To volunteer or for more information please email commservice@awasingapore.org
Sports: To volunteer or for more information, please email sports@awasingapore.org
Social: To volunteer or for more information, please email social@awasingapore.org

AWA is always interested in new activities! If there is a sport, game or hobby you are passionate about and have the time to coordinate, please get in touch by emailing office@awasingapore.org.