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All Women, All Walks of Life, All Nationalities

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Advertise with Us

Our Members
Educated, affluent women with high levels of disposable income, who are also the primary decision makers in their homes.  Their key interests related to spending are entertainment, travel, medical & personal services and consumer products.  

The majority of our members live a mobile life that lends itself to frequent travel, searching out new experiences and establishing new homes and social networks. In other words, these ladies are part of a global network of social connectors who wield significant word-of-mouth influence related to a wide variety of goods and services.

Advertising Options
The AWA Magazine contains details of all AWA activities and events. It is published electronically to our members 6 times a year and distributed to various expat venues such as schools, dentist surgeries and clinics.  The digital version of the Magazine is available on our website and shared through our social media channels.

Website: www.awasingapore.org is the booking portal for all AWA events and activities and has approximately 3,000 visits each month.

Upcoming Events Email: Our bi-weekly email keeps our members up to date with AWA events and activities, and has a very high open rate from our members.

Social Media: Our social media channels allow business posts in our membership group on Business Monday, the first Monday of each month.

To view rates & details for all advertising channels, please click here
To advertise with the AWA now, complete this Form by clicking here

Benefits of AWA Membership to Business Owners
While AWA is a social rather than a business networking organization, we do feel strongly about supporting our members who are business owners. The following summarizes the opportunities we offer to members who own their own business.
Business Monday
On our AWA Facebook member community, you can post to our members about your brand or event on the first Monday of the month. This has been selected to optimize the day of the week and time of the month to post, whilst keeping this group otherwise advertising-free. We think this works best to really draw attention to the posts when they go up. (for non-members the price is $150.00 SGD per post)
Discounted Advertising for Members
For advertising in our magazine or website we offer our members $75.00 SGD off per monthly advert. 
Preferential Vendor Prices
AWA Members get a discount when buying a vendor table at one of our events. The price is communicated at the time vendor registration begins.

AWA Workshops
AWA arranges regular workshops, either in our workshop space on Scotts Road or at business venues. These can be great opportunities to introduce your business to potential customers.

AWA Conference Room Space
As a member you can use the AWA conference room in our Scotts Rd office for business meetings at a discounted rate.
Lucky Draw at Events
We often have lucky draw opportunities at our events, and always give credit to the donors in event-related promotional materials. If you are interested in contributing a prize to any of AWA’s Major Events, please email events@awasingapore.org.

Sponsor & Partner Opportunities
To provide events at a lower price we always try to keep our costs low. You might consider sponsoring a photo booth at one of our events, they are super fun and will really get your brand out there, as members keep the photos on their fridge all the time!

Contact Us
If you are interested in advertising with us or would like more information, please email advertising@awasingapore.org.  The AWA is a volunteer organization, so we do not keep regular office hours. Please allow time for our volunteers to answer your queries - we will respond as soon as we can.